Career Profile

Young person, who focus on mastering his abilities.

"Constantly strive to perfect skills, while not closing up to new possibilities."


Software Developer

April 2016 - Present

At the beginning, Magento. After that, for some time I was working on Symfony 3 + AngularJS service. Now: more Magento :) .

Own Projects


MMORPG Game Project, fundamental of my entire programming life. Created around year 2009 and continuously updated till beginning of year 2015.

  • Technology: C++ and SFML Library
  • Features in Client, Server and Map Editor:

  • Managing of multiple connections
  • Dialogues and trading with NPCs
  • Equipment and weaponary
  • Magic and skill system
  • Chat with private channels
  • More info on github
  • Jerycho

    OpenGL 3D space shooter game.

  • Technology: C++ and openGL
  • Award: Szczecin Gamedev Talents 2015
  • Features:

  • 3ds and bmp file reader
  • Particle engine (explosions and engines)
  • Enemy AI
  • More info on
  • Examiner

    Internet service for management of single- and multiple-choice test exams.

  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS and Java Script
  • Engineering Thesis
  • Features:

  • Automatic generation of tests
  • Drawing questions and answers
  • Mixing the order of answers
  • Managing of tests and users
  • Generating statistics of exams
  • Archiving test approaches
  • Have a look at Examiner
  • Zend Blog

    Blog in Zend Framework.

  • Technology: Zend Framework (PHP), MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Java Script, jQuery
  • Features:

  • Displaying posts
  • Adding, editing and deleting posts
  • Access levels for guest, user and admin
  • Have a look at Zend Blog
  • Front-end shop

    Front-end shop, with minimal backend.

  • Technology: Java Script, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JSON
  • Features:

  • Adding products (stored in cookies & DB)
  • Feeding products from saved JSON or DB
  • Displaying as table or as gallery
  • Dummy chat with seller (local)
  • Comments
  • Have a look at Front-end shop
  • Skills & Proficiency

    PHP (Symfony & Magento)

    SQL (Native & Doctrine)



    Bootstrap 3 Framework

    C++ & STL